Business Model



Grocery Jet will launch a fleet of food sales trucks across the United States. The basic business model is much different from online grocery ordering and delivery offered by many large grocery retail chains today.


Other start-ups such as Instacart focus on using existing retail grocery outlets and simply combining their delivery services on one central phone or computer application.Grocery Jet goes a step beyond and combines the on-demand convenience of neighborhood visibility and delivery, much like an ice cream truck.


The pictures below show a prototype grocery truck to be employed by Grocery Jet.All transactions will be made easy with a touch-screen kiosk and picture selection interface, along with easy credit card or cash payment by the customers.Trucks will be driven through select neighborhoods with a pre-selected variety of the most commonly needed daily grocery items.





As you can see, the secret to Grocery Jet is a carefully crafted air-conditioned cargo trailer from a reputable and reliable direct manufacturer and supplier.These are outfitted with slim-line refrigerators for the freshest of food.All food will be branded with Grocery Jet labeling, and will carry the Grocery Jet Freshness Guarantee.


Trailers will be meticulously maintained and stocked daily by associates at the central warehouse everyday, and driven by uniformed, friendly, and courteous staff.Trailers will be towed by green hybrid vehicles, cutting emissions and costs while raising the company bottom line.


Trailers will be visible throughout selected neighborhoods, driven slowly while sounding a pleasant, trademark jingle or ring tone.Both the bold, simple logo, and the friendly sound of the truck approaching will let new and existing customers that fresh, affordable groceries are right outside the front door!


Imagine the convenience for stay-at-home moms, busy working people, the disabled, and the elderly; when they can simply get to the curb for their much-needed items. They can even use our friendly app to be notified sooner, whether they want to be alerted 5, 10, or 15 minutes in advance of the truckís arrival.


This grocery delivery method will revolutionize the grocery industry, and Grocery Jet will dominate the market.Bet on the Jet, and get onboard early.






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